My dad got married!

Actually, my dad and Hope were already married, but reasons unimportant to this post the actual wedding ceremony didn’t take place until this past weekend. That’s why I’ve been gone for a while. I pulled the kids out of school and we all flew to Texas for the wedding. I didn’t bring my laptop because I figured there wouldn’t be any time to use it. All three of us were in the wedding party.

Here are the boys in their tuxedos. You can imagine, I asked the boys to stand still for a nice photo, and this is what I got:

And here’s what I got when we took a picture of the family:

That’s me, Hope, Sean, my dad, my brother the composer, and Ethan, who once again cannot possibly give the camera a sincere smile.

Why the redeye? Well, let me tell you about my camera woes. First my old digital camera died, which was not surprising, because it was old. Then my cell phone died, which was surprising, because it was new. It was under warranty, and the phone company replaced it, but for some reason, even though the new phone appears to be the same model as the old, it takes crappy pictures. The old one took great pictures. Remember those stunning photos of Bryce Canyon in Utah? Taken by my old cell phone. This new one takes photos that look like an Atari 2600 video game.

I’m not happy, and I don’t plan to ever buy a Motorola phone again. But I’m stuck with this phone for another year and a half, so I decided to buy a new digital camera. I got a fancy one, a $500 camera, and that’s what took these pictures. I think it did okay, although I’m not sure these are $500 pictures. But for some reason, no photo editing program seems to be able to remove the redeye. I tried the program that came with Windows first, and it messed the image all up, and then I actually bought Paintshop Pro (because I had a deal where I could get it for $10) and tried that, and it messed the image up too. So it appears I’m stuck with the redeye. Whatever. My patience for mucking around with photos is short.

Anyway, back the wedding. It was a wonderful wedding with beautiful music and a lovely service. My boys were the ring bearers, and Ethan managed to be serious for that part at least:

Except he dropped the ring! He was picking it up and it slipped out of his hand and went rolling down the aisle. He chased after it, picked it up, and delivered it as if nothing had happened, but I could tell he was embarrassed about it by the way he was kind of shrinking into the pew afterwards.

Lots of people came up to me later to tell me they thought it was the highlight of the ceremony. A few even complimented Ethan on keeping his head and not panicking when it happened.

We had a great time at the reception. A troupe of girls performed some traditional Spanish dances, and a mariachi band played. The food was great and there were free margaritas, though I limited myself to just one because I knew I was supposed to dance with my dad later on, and I was having a hard enough time remembering the steps while sober. The dancing was a lot of fun, and the kids really got into it. I taught them the Cotton Eye Joe, and Sean got to dance with his cousins, which was really cute. I’d post pictures, but he’d kill me.

Congratulations again to the happy couple! May they live long and prosper!

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3 Responses to My dad got married!

  1. What a nice family! This was cool news, thanks. 🙂

  2. May they live happily ever after…

  3. Thanks for sharing all this, Amy. Please extend my congratulations, and sympathies about all the tech problems.

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