Desktop ponies!

My older son found this via his dad, who says it’s used as a prank at his office. Desktop ponies!

This is an application you can install on your PC that makes anywhere from one to hundreds of the ponies from My Little Pony cavort all over your computer screen. It is a brony creation. When my son installed it on his own computer, he had it put 150 ponies on his screen, which was absolutely insane. They were everywhere! I installed it on my computer and tried seven ponies, and even that was way too distracting. I’m now down to four random ponies with a setting that prohibits them from walking across my active window.

They are pretty cute. Each pony has a set of animations it does. Rainbow Dash does a “sonic rainboom,” she sleeps on a cloud, and she jumps on a cloud to make rain fall. Multiple ponies are more fun than one because they interact with each other. Some interactions are unique to specific pony combinations.

I can make no guarantees, but the software appears to be safe. It is open source and ships with a complete set of source code (which appears to be in visual basic).

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