Internet browsers in 2012

I run a popular website that receives over 5,000 visitors every day and roughly 50,000 page views. I have some tracking software that monitors it, just keeping an eye on things and reporting metrics to me so I’m aware when anything bad happens, and one of the things it keeps track of is what internet browsers people use when connecting to the site. Is anyone curious what browsers are being used these days? These numbers might not be typical of the internet population in general; they are specific to my website.

45.4% Internet Explorer
18.4% Firefox
13.7% Google Chrome
10.8% cell phones
10.6% Safari (<– Mac users)
0.8% Opera (*)
0.2% Mozilla (**)
0.1% Konqueror (***)

* What the heck is this?
** Maybe this is some really old version of Firefox?
*** What the heck is this?!

I have never written a mobile version of my website, and I remember being surprised when people told me they were accessing it from their cell phones. Apparently it works fine that way. I have since used it that way myself.

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