Fantasy: It’s not just medieval anymore

I’m going to be starting a couple of new features on this blog. Since I happen to love secondary-world fantasy novels set in eras other than the Middle Ages, I’m going to feature one such novel each week. I won’t be reviewing it critically. I’ll just showcase it and talk a little about the setting and time period the author chose and how the time period affects the story. I’m going to call this feature Fantasy Through the Ages.

I’ve already got a long list of novels to feature, but if you know one you want me to include, feel free to let me know about it. I don’t guarantee to feature it, but I’ll take it into consideration. To qualify, the novel must be secondary-world fantasy–that is, it must be set on a made-up world that is not Earth. And it must be set in a time period that is not medieval. So it could be Stone Age, Bronze Age, Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Age, etc.

I like medieval fantasies too, and read plenty of them. I just want to draw a little extra attention to the ones set in other eras.

The other feature I’m planning to start is History for Fantasy Buffs, which will be about some of the more interesting historical details I’ve stumbled across while researching my own fantasy novels.

I’m tentatively planning the history posts for Wednesdays and Fantasy Through the Ages for Fridays, but I’ve got deadlines that take precedence over everything else, and we’ll see how that schedule suits me.

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2 Responses to Fantasy: It’s not just medieval anymore

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    This sounds super exciting. I can’t wait! If you haven’t read Ann McGuirre’s Stone Maiden, that one might be a good one. It’s set in a desert-society and has aliens in it, too. There’s a little bit of magic and a quest that happens. It’s one of the few novels I’ve read lately without a strong romantic element, though there is a small element of romance. The language is just lovely. I go to that book when I need a Tuesday’s Word, because there were like 20 new words I learned from Ms. Aguirre.

    I can’t wait to see what novels you’ve read that have intersting off worlds. I’ll be especially interested in checking out any with strong romance subplots:)

  2. Sounds interesting. Can’t wait!

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