The Look challenge

Normally I avoid challenges, but for this one I’ll play. Jessi Gage tagged me for the “Look” challenge, wherein one finds the first usage of the word “look” in one’s WIP and posts the surrounding paragraph in one’s blog. Here is Jessi’s paragraph from her fun new novel.

So here we go. I’m just going to say, about my WIP, that this is a rough draft and it will undoubtedly change between now and publication. Sophomore books are notorious in author circles for being hellish on the writer, but to my surprise, I’m enjoying mine. It’s turning out to be super fun to write, and I love it to death. Watch this space, though. I’ll probably start hating it in a few months, when the newness wears off and I’m sick of revising it.

“No, no,” said Florian, his eyes on Lucien. Though the Emperor and his heir were cut from the same cloth, the resemblance one noted on first glance was superficial. They shared the same black hair, black eyes, and aquiline profile, but Florian was taller by several inches and broader. Florian reminded Rhianne of an eagle with his sharp eyes, hawk nose, and severe face. His elder sons had looked like stamped woodcut copies of him, but Lucien and his sister, the two youngest, with their slighter builds and finer features, resembled their late mother. Lucien was handsomer and smarter than his father, but Florian had never forgiven him for losing his leg to a trio of Riorcan assassins or for becoming his only choice of heir when the assassins had also murdered Lucien’s elder brothers. “Stay,” continued Florian. “I should like to hear your opinion. I should like to know what you think of a son and heir who openly criticizes his father’s strategic decisions in a Council of War.”

As for tagging other people, if you’d like to do the Look challenge, consider yourself tagged!

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3 Responses to The Look challenge

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  2. Jessi Gage says:

    I love this para, Amy. It accomplishes so much. You really make your words work. You go, girl! And thanks for playing!

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