Monday promo round-up: giveaway!

Books arrivedMy books have arrived! 50 copies, and I’m giving all of them away. 25 of them in a pre-release giveaway and 25 more post-release.

The first giveaway is live on goodreads now. Here is a link:

Goodreads giveaway

It ends Friday, so enter soon if you’d like to win a copy!



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2 Responses to Monday promo round-up: giveaway!

  1. Lenora Rose says:

    US only, alas…. not that i blame you.

    I love the pic of the box of books.

    • Amy Raby says:

      Yeah, sorry about that. I may open up the next one wider, but I have to ship the books myself and I have no idea what it will cost me to ship a book internationally. I need to do a little research first.

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