Monday promo: giveaway ends

goodreads giveaway March 2013Running Goodreads giveaways is kind of expensive, even if the publisher gives you the books for free. It’s the postage that gets you. I used the cheapest option available, media mail, and it was $2.53 per package, times 25, which means over $60. Not a ridiculous amount, but still, not trivial. It’s interesting to me that Goodreads requires print books for giveaways. Ebooks would be so much easier (and free to send).

If you entered and didn’t win, there’s another giveaway coming up in April, for another 25 books. Here’s the tricky thing. I’d like to open it up to international readers, but I’m worried about the postage. There are no media mail rates outside the U.S. Another writer recently sent books to Portugal and it cost her $50 for a single package! If I had to pay $50 for every book in the giveaway, I’d be on the hook for over a thousand dollars in postage!

I need to figure out which countries I can reasonably send books to. Probably Canada, although I don’t expect that to be cheap. I don’t know about overseas. Maybe? I need to find out the rates. It frustrates me that I can’t satisfy international readers without obligating myself to potentially enormous and out-of-my-control postal rates (because I do not know who will win the giveaway books). If anyone has any answers to this dilemma, I’d love to hear them.

In other news, there are two new reviews of Assassin’s Gambit out there:

Window Seat review

All About Romance review

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5 Responses to Monday promo: giveaway ends

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    Good luck with all the mailings. Don’t strain your shoulder hauling all those envelopes to the post office!

  2. Lenora Rose says:

    I’m really surprised e-books won’t do just because this Assassin’s Gambit is coming out with a print edition. E-books that don’t have a print edition have been in the Goodreads giveaways — and had hundreds upon hundreds of people enter, so the fact that e-readers are still a bit of a niche isn’t any more limiting than US only.

    Maybe if you offer the individual winners the option, they can go against Goodreads’ official policy. I don’t know.

    Personally, I’d rather you not bankrupt yourself just so I have a slim chance to win the book! Do what’s best for you.

  3. Kim Fay says:

    For international mailing, if you can fit your book into a Priority Mail flat rate envelope, the cost is about $11 (or was when I shipped a bunch of books a few months ago). Congrats on the publication of your novel!! Best, Kim

  4. Tynga says:

    Hello Amy! For international giveaways, may I suggest using They ship for free in about 300 countries! A great way to keep your international readers in the loop 🙂 I just discovered your book and I am very intrigued! Gonna try to get my hands on a copy for review 🙂

    • Amy Raby says:

      Thank you! The irony here is that I have books at my house, provided by the publisher at no charge to me, that are meant to be used for giveaways. But the shipping fee can easily be more than the book actually costs. It might actually save me money to buy the book outright ship from the Book Depository than to ship one of my free ones from home. Although if I’m offering a signed copy, I have no choice; the book must ship from my house.

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