Tuesday promo round-up

All right, I’m a day late with the promo round-up. But I’ve been busy. After all, Assassin’s Gambit came out last week!

So what’s the first week been like?

Let me tell you. It has been amazing, and it has also been extremely stressful. The book seems to be somewhat polarizing. There have been a few reviewers who really didn’t like it, and when one of those negative reviews came in right after release, I couldn’t sleep that night. Woke up at 2:30am and never got back to bed. I know authors aren’t supposed to read reviews, but most of us can’t help ourselves.

But quite a few readers are raving about it! I’m getting letters from fans, and some of the reviews have been glowing. Quotes from some of the reviews on goodreads:

“Awesome! In her goodreads biography, Raby lists her Bujold and Hambly among her
influences, and I am happy to say she definitely lives up to their legacy.”

“Oh wow! I think I just read the best debut author/book for me this year so far. Assassin’s Gambit is an epic fantasy romance with detailed and rich world-building and multi-layered characterisation.”

“I can’t believe that this is Amy Raby’s debut.”

“I love it when I am reading a book and the story twists and turns in ways that I did not expect.  Such a great book!  I could not put it down.”

“Great read.  Lot of twists and turns, enough to keep me up all night.”

And Book Pushers gave it an A review: “Joint Review: Assassin’s Gambit (Hearts & Thrones #1) by Amy Raby

Also, I am interviewed here at the Qwillery. You can enter to win a free copy of the book!

And I did a guest post at Dark Faerie Tales. It’s a takeoff on Cinderella featuring the assassin Vitala. Dark Faerie Tales is also offering a free book. Just 6 hours left to enter!

Even more fun on a personal level has been seeing some of the reviewers pick up on the novel’s themes. Some readers clearly “get” this novel; they understand it on a deep level, and that makes me happy because it means I’ve done my job.

As for sales, who knows? I can only track the Amazon sales ranking. It has been trending upward, and last night the book made it onto the top 100 list for fantasy romance! So I’m thrilled about that. I’m less stressed now that I know that there are a lot of readers who love it. Can’t please everyone, right? I hope it continues to do well.

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1 Response to Tuesday promo round-up

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    Squeee on the top 100 list! Squeee on fab reviews. Shrugs on the negative ones. There will always be some. Congrats to you on your release week! Yay!

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