Signing in Albany, NY

Readers! Apparently I am insane, because I am going to upstate New York in the dead of winter. While I am there, I will be doing an author event (reading, Q&A, signing) at:

Flights of Fantasy Books and Games (Albany, NY), on Saturday February 8th at 7pm.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you!

So here’s why I’m intimidated: I have zero experience with serious cold.

Serious heat doesn’t scare me at all. I grew up in Texas and spent my summers outdoors running around in hundred-degree weather. I’m used to that and quite tolerant of it. I only got heat exhaustion once, and it was while riding a horse at noon in August, in full sun. Riding a horse is real exercise, by the way, if you’re trotting and cantering. I wore a heart monitor once while doing it and clocked rates up to 176. But that August/noon/horse situation was the only occasion on which I had trouble. Mostly I would just sweat buckets and drink out of the hose, no big deal.

Serious cold, on the other hand…

I live in Seattle now, and it’s cold. I have decent cold weather gear. Sometimes we see single digits, and we see snow about once a year. But the entire city tends to shut down when we do, so it’s not unreasonable to just hole up until it melts. And I’ve NEVER seen temperatures below zero. So this is going to be an adventure for me. Send me your cold weather tips!

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3 Responses to Signing in Albany, NY

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    Long underwear under your jeans.
    And the best snowboots I have ever had are Sorels. You don’t even have to wear special warm-weather socks with them, they keep your feet so warm. But snow boots probably won’t be necessary for normal pedestrian stuff, only if you’re planning to be outdoors a lot.
    Have fun!

  2. Wool socks and layers.

    also, you are coming to my area! What’s bringing you all the way out to east? Will you be here for a bit or just in and out?

  3. Kay Hudson says:

    I left the cold climes of my native Wisconsin many decades ago, so I have no tips, just best wishes for safe travel and a fun visit to New York, Amy.

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