Spy’s Honor (Hearts and Thrones #2)

Spy's Honor final cover

Rhianne, mind mage and Imperial Princess of Kjall, cannot openly challenge the emperor. Instead, she acts in secret to aid the victims of his worst excesses. But now the emperor plans to wed her to the cruel Augustan, the man leading Kjall’s attack against the nation of Mosar. Soon she will be torn from her supporters and shipped overseas, where she can help no one.

Mosari crown prince Janto is desperate to save his country from invasion. When one of his most trusted spies disappears while gathering intelligence at the Kjallan palace, Janto takes his place and continues searching for information that could save his people. But falling for the Imperial Princess was not part of his plan. Nor was having his true identity revealed…

Now Rhianne must make a choice—follow the path of tradition or the one of the heart, even if it means betraying her own people.

“The second book in Raby’s exciting Hearts and Thrones series is essentially a prequel to Assassin’s Gambit, as it is set before Lucien assumes the Kjallan throne. As with the previous book, the costs of war are seen from both sides of the conflict. Raby demonstrates a real gift for layered characterization, with protagonists who must buck conventional norms to save themselves and their people.” — RT Book Reviews

“Raby weaves a convincing, captivating, sometimes steamy story, not incidentally finding some creative uses for Janto’s invisibility-related magic and Rhianne’s talents of the mind.” — Publisher’s Weekly

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