Guardian’s Secret out now!


Guardian’s Secret is out today! This is a new novella in the Hearts and Thrones series. It’s a side story featuring Drusus, the imperial bodyguard. Please note that this is a gay (m/m) romance, unlike the other stories in this series which are m/f. Why did I write a gay romance in a straight series? Because the Hearts and Thrones world includes people of all kinds, and I don’t want to exclude a gay character from having his story told just because he’s gay.

This novella is about 200 pages long, so it’s longer than most novellas, but only half the length of a novel. This made pricing it a challenge, so what I’ve done is priced it at 99 cents for the first week, as a thank-you to my most loyal readers. Next Tuesday the price will go up to $2.99.

Drusus, recently retired from the imperial guard, has a secret he’s kept all his life. He’s a “morsey,” the Kjallan slang term for a man attracted to other men. But there is little tolerance for morseys in the imperial city, and Drusus must conceal his nature to preserve his friendships, his pension, and his social standing.

It’s not working. Drusus is lonely, and the woman he ineptly courts has sensed his ambivalence and fallen in love with someone else.

When a fire mage starts burning down morsey taverns and the corrupt city guard ignores the crimes, Drusus takes it upon himself to stand guard over the last remaining tavern. There he meets Caz, a gregarious dock worker, who boldly flirts with him. Drusus wants Caz, but is he willing to risk everything in the pursuit of his desire?

Available now!

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